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Best Night in Korea



Welcome to Benikea Yangsan Hotel


We will endeavor to provide the best service with the sincerity and sincerity toward customers.Thank you for visiting Benicia Yangshan Hotel.Our hotel boasts of elegance and interior as the only tourist hotel in Yangshan City.On the first floor, there is a front desk, coffee shop, concierge desk and business center.


On the second floor, there is a restaurant and a small banquet room.

The restaurant offers a fusion of live food and fusion food.
In addition, large and small banquet rooms are open spaces for various seminars and events.
There are 8 types of rooms from the 3rd floor to the 10th floor.
On the 11th floor there is a sky garden and sky lounge with outdoor wedding.


Located 17 km from Busan and 17 km from Gimhae International Airport,

Close to the city center and close to many tourist attractions.
Especially, there are old temples (Tonghosa Temple, Q & A), many golf courses (public and regular courses)
Tongdo Fantasia theme park and Eden Valley ski area.





Elegant service of Benikea Yangsan Hotel



Breakfast service for business and travelers

- A delicious and nutritious breakfast buffet with carefully selected ingredients.


Membership Card Benefits

- Use mileage to pay for rooms and use of facilities, 10% D/C effect


Bicycle rental

- Bicycle rental, Yangsan Mountain waterfront park, Water purification park hike